Acupuncture be useful in Opioid Addiction?

So Jen, you know, opioids have been in the news a lot, and we all understand the issue with opioids. They offer value, but also there are issues around it. Acupuncture is being promoted as a very safe and very useful option for people. What is your opinion on that? How do you feel about it? What would you say to someone who’s trying to make up their mind? Sure Absolutely. You know acupuncture has long been used to treat addictions, whether it is heroin addiction, opioid addiction, you name it. And it can be very, very useful. I think the most significant step in helping to treat addiction is that a person wanting to quit it. You know that way they’re 50% there. They are 50% on the way because they want to stop. And again, acupuncture as an alternative, great, especially if they’re using opioids for pain purposes.

Some conditions may be that acupuncture has not been helpful, but it’s very, very rare cases where it just has not helped. And there are specific protocols for working with addiction and you know whether what drug it may be, that is just extremely helpful. For as someone who’s debating between whether to keep taking pills or whether to take acupuncture, for acupuncture obviously, I have to come to see you on a regular basis. How long does that pain treatment last is it like an opioid drug where I take it, and it lasts a few hours and kind of tapers off, and then I come back for my next treatment. How does that work? Right! You’re absolutely right on. Acupuncture is a cumulative effect, so what I usually tell people is allow one to 10 treatments at once a week to get a pain condition under control.
We hope it’s less than ten treatments. But sometimes it can be a few longers as well. It depends on how severe the condition, how long they’ve had the condition, what exactly happened. Obviously, if you have a broken bone that could take a little bit longer to heal. But it is a cumulative effect. So each time you come in, you might feel great that first time for that night or for the next day, then the next time you come in, the hope is two or three days.

Until we get to you to that point of maintenance, where it just becomes your once monthly maintenance of keeping your body at peak potential and everything is working the way it should. So hopefully, within that one to ten treatments we can clear up an issue, a problem, a condition, and help the person through that, and they’re on their way.