People Get Acupuncture in Slow Motion

– [Interviewer] Why the hell did you agree to do this? – I don’t know. (laughs) I’m a little bit nervous since I heard about the bleeders. (laughs) (orchestra music) – [Interviewer] Hi, what’s your name and what do you do? – My name is Jack and I do bicycle deliveries. – My name is Ayana. I am a part-time nanny. – My name is Jamal Buckley and I’m just a student. – I am going to try acupuncture for the first time. – [Interviewer] What do you know about acupuncture? – I don’t know a lot about acupuncture. I know that they stick a bunch of needles in you. – And they’re supposed to calm the area, I believe? – [Interviewer] What are you nervous about? – It could hit the wrong place and leave me like, paralyzed or something. – I don’t– I have a high pain tolerance so, we’ll see. – [Interviewer] Would you like to meet the expert? – Of course.

(giggles) – How’s it going? Ben. – How’s it going? Jamal. – Nice to meet you. – Anybody die doing this? – Not that I know of. – What is the weirdest place you put needles in people? (giggles) – I mean, surprisingly you can literally put them anywhere. – Have you ever stuck it in somebody’s penis? – Not in the penis, but below the balls, definitely. (laughs) – Is there like, lots of blood, just– (fake vomits blood) – Not typically, no. Sometimes in the face, you get a little more, more drops of blood then, then usual, but– – I mean, red is my color, so.

– Yeah. – [Interviewer] So, do you have any other questions or are you ready to do it? – Yeah, okay. – Okay, cool. – [Interviewer] What’s that to your left? – Oh god, that’s a slow-mo camera. – [Interviewer] Yeah. So we’re going to capture your face at a thousand frames per second, – God. As you have a needle piercing your skin. You ready to lay down? We’ll get you lined up. – Yep. – [Interviewer] He’s going to start with your feet. – Oh god. – Do the hands first. – [Interviewer] Oh shit. – Oh shit. – You’re scaring me.

(giggles) – Putting on this, uh, called Yin Tang, it’s to sooth the mind. Sorry my hands are cold again. – Oh my god. I’m getting so nervous. – This is a liver point, so it’s for stress, and it’s also for body pain, like headaches. – (sighs) Thank god. – Beauty is pain, right? – [Interviewer] We’re going to do a countdown. So when I say, “Three, two, one,” he’ll knock it in, okay? (nervous laughter) – Oh god, alright. (chuckles) – Aw fuck. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Everybody ready? – Ready. – [Interviewer] In three, two, one. (intense orchestra music) – [Interviewer] Three, two, one. (intense orchestra music) – [Interviewer] Three, two, one. (intense orchestra music) – [Interviewer] Two, one. (intense orchestra music) – [Interviewer] Three, two, one. (intense orchestra music) – Ah, balls! – Oof. – Oh. Mm hmm. (laughter) – [Interviewer] How’d that feel? – Icky. (laughs) – Icky. – [Interviewer] What do you want to do next? Face? – Let’s do the face, yeah.

– Oh, sweet merciful god. (nervous laughter) – What are you doing? – Yeah. We’re going to do a jaw point, so just in the muscle of the jaw here. – I don’t know if this is true or not. Like, you do acupuncture in the face and some people release emotional– – Uh huh, it depends how much they’re holding on to. – It’s just going to be right in the third eye, okay. (gasps) – Okay, whenever your ready. – [Interviewer] Three, two, one. (intense orchestra music) (gasps) (laughs) – Oh my god. (laughs) – I feel that one, like, all throughout my neck right now. – You can feel it, yeah. – It’s not like a shot at the doctor where it like, hurts and then that’s just kind of it. – Right. – It hurts and then it like, buzzes. – Yeah, totally. – I think I’d be more scared if it– like a mirror was right in front of me. – Yeah. (giggles) Oh my gosh, there’s a needle in my face.

(laughs) – [Interviewer] One more? – We can do like, one on the wrist. We haven’t done that, yet. – [Interviewer] Oh yeah, let’s do that. – We should try the scalp a little bit here. – [Interviewer] Oh yeah! We haven’t done the scalp today yet, so– – That makes me a little nervous. (nervous laughter) – This one is going to feel achy, okay. Alright, I’m ready when you are. – [Interviewer] In three, two, one. (intense orchestra music) – I feel very relaxed. – Cool. – I’m zen right now. – You’re zen? – Ah damn, alright I felt that one more than in my hand. – That is intense. – Oh, that does pinch. – This is kind of fun, though. Are they still in me? – Now that there’s a couple needles in me, I’m like, bring it on. – Bring it on. – Just keep ’em coming. (laughs) – Um, yeah. – Alright. – [Interviewer] How was that? – It was fun.

– Intense. (chuckles) Strange sort of feeling. – I feel weird. I think because of this one. I started feeling weird after the forehead one. – All the stress is gone. This is awesome. I’m like a unicorn. – It’s a little freaky seeing needles sticking out of my skin, but honestly, it just feels good. I feel like a little bit loosened up already. (chuckles) – I feel like when you come out of a sauna and you just kinda take a breathe. You know, there’s cold air rushing in to your body.

– Like my neck is like, radiating right now. I feel kinda cool. – With needles sticking out of my face. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Would you do it again? – Yeah, definitely. – [Interviewer] Alright, you’re done. Good job. (applause) – Is there a bump here? – A little bump, yeah. (laughs) If you put a little ice on it, it’ll go down in like, an hour. (laughs) Just from all the movement, it’s hard to keep it– – Oh! It’s ’cause I was flexing it, wasn’t I? – [Acupuncturist] Yeah. That’s what it was from. – [Interviewer] Yep, there’s your third eye. (laughs) – That’s freakin’ hilarious. – [Interviewer] You have met the cut, good job. (applause).