The best acupuncturist?

How is it: “no needles”? I will insert needles into your neck. But it is this foot that is numb. It’s a very serious problem! You may not be able to walk. His nerves rest on the spinal cord. It’s very hard. Patients like him should be operated on. In countries like Holland, they would be treated by an operation. Here we have acupuncture to change their condition. It hurts. – She has a brain tumor. When I insert these, you should feel heat and cold. That’s what we feel. Come see by that. She has a problem with her ovaries, which prevents her from getting pregnant. Our acupuncture will stimulate blood flow, open the veins … and change the state of her ovaries. Then she can get pregnant. Why do I feel swelling? – Swelling? It means that you do not ovulate.

– Ah. I can tell you if you are ovulating or not. I have been working in acupuncture for 40 years. I did not choose it. I was told that this would be my main subject at the university. Dr. Li, I want the needles. – I arrive. After five years of study, I am passionate about acupuncture. It contains many mysteries to discover. Where are you hurt? – Between these two bones. His way of inserting the needles is less painful. The needles fit easily. I was surprised the first time, “how is this possible?” But it’s true. I will be able to walk again soon. Do not underestimate our acupuncture. She is 5,000 years old. We can cure many European diseases. Like multiple sclerosis. We can treat all kinds of gynecological problems. Or chronic fatigue syndrome and depression too.

Our acupuncture can heal them all. Hello? I am very busy now. Goodbye. Look carefully. She vibrates. Others need electric needles for that. Have you ever seen that? You will not see it anywhere else! As Dr. Li beautifully inserted the needle! He uses two fingers. You have to have strong fingers. He wants me to practice on a wooden board. Do you sleep well? – No, I do not sleep well. Ah? – I dream a lot.

It’s good. Dreaming and sleeping are two different things. He loses weight by moxibustion. The heating medicine enters his body … and the fat inside disappears. After this session, her belly will already be thinner. After ten sessions, the effects will be visible. We are the cheapest on the market. Simple and cheap. A really cheap price, just one or two euros per session. It’s very cheap. My husband can not speak. It’s a problem. That’s why we come here for acupuncture. We were introduced to it. Others told us he was good. Some have been healed and can speak again. Try to say “iiiiiiii”. No, not “aa” but “iii”. Try again. Stronger. Very good. Speech problems are difficult. The problem is at the level of the cerebellum. We have already healed many cases like this. She had a cerebral hemorrhage. She has trouble walking. Turn back. Our methods differ from those of the West.

They want to cure diseases quickly … because in the West everything must be healed quickly. We think differently. That hurts me. Raise your foot higher. You know the funny thing? Our acupuncture works better on Europeans … and the Americans only about us, the Chinese. Strange. It may be because their ancestors … have never had acupuncture. The more receptive you are … the more you will feel the benefits of our treatment.